Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Covid 19

Are Masks/Facial Coverings Required?

Yes, Masks/Facial Coverings are required in accordance with the State of California, CDC and TSA Mandates and Directives. To read, in detail, about our Covid 19 Safety and Cleanliness Protocols, please click here. To read the CDC's Mandate, please click here. To read the TSA Directive, please click here.

Social Distance vs. Social Awareness

As we all know, social distancing in a vehicle is difficult. We are concentrating on Social Awareness – Load passengers back to front, unload passengers front to back, reduce lavatory use, no serving of food or beverages, etc.

Are You Able to Maximize the Capacity of Vehicles?

There is no official guidance regarding maximum capacity for the vehicles.

Does the Vehicle Have Hand Sanitizer?

Hand Sanitizer has always been available in the stepwell of each vehicle as well as in the lavatory.

What New Safety Measures has H & L Charter Implemented for Team Members, Clients and Vehicles?

Plexiglass Shields will be installed behind the driver’s seat. New AC Filters (Merv 16) installed in vehicles. Purchased an Electrostatic Fogger Machine for Sanitization.

What is H & L Charter doing to clean/disinfect/sanitize vehicles?

H & L Charter has had an excellent cleaning program for over 35 years. In the past few months, we have added a few other protocols. During each charter, while guests are at their venue, the drivers will be disinfecting all frequently touched objects in the vehicle.

  •  Handrails for entering and exiting the vehicle
  • Arm Rests
  • Seatbelts
  • Driver Steering Wheel
  • Dash Area
  • Head Rests
  • Windows & Windowsills
  • Interior Luggage Racks & Hand Rails
  • Restroom Door Handles
  • Restroom Handrails
  • Cup Holders

After the conclusion of each charter, each vehicle is cleaned on the outside and inside.
On the outside of the vehicle we:

  • Fill Lavatory Water Tanks
  • Hand Brush Front & Rear of Vehicle
  • Wash Sides of Vehicle with Bus Washer
  • Remove Excess Water from Mirrors/Wheels with Air Gun
  • Hand Dry Vehicle
  • Shine Tires
  • Remove All Trash from Luggage Bays and Wash Out
  • Disinfect Luggage Bay Handles

On the inside of the vehicle we:

  •  Dump and Sanitize the Lavatory
  •  Remove All Trash
  •  Clean frequently touched objects disinfectant or alcohol-based cleaners. These surfaces include:
    • Handrails for entering and exiting the vehicle
    •  Arm Rests
    • Seatbelts
    •  Driver Steering Wheel
    •  Dash Area
    •  Head Rests
    •  Windows & Windowsills
    •  Interior Luggage Racks & Hand Rails
    •  Restroom Door Handles
    •  Restroom Handrails
    •  Cup Holders
  • Wipe Down Each Seat
  • Wipe Down Foot Rests
  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Sanitize Vehicle with the Electrostatic Fogger Machine